Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Finn's first Easter

His favorite position with Daddy.
Easter with the Anderson cousins

Our first family photo!

Finn and Grandpa Fin

I hope everyone had a fabulous Easter! We were lucky to spend it with both sides of the family and Finn had a great time showing off his smiles. Happy Spring!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

8 weeks old

Finn is 8 weeks old today and we did some tummy time on the floor with a big mirror (see below). Then I put him on his back to see if he could start reaching out for a toy. He hit the toy with his hand so many times! Mom was very proud. :) Look for the cute smile he gives me at the end of the video.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Kiss me, I'm Irish (well not really, but his name is!)

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

(this picture was too hilarious - i had to put it in)

You'll laugh, You'll cry, I know Finn Did

Friday, March 14, 2008

SLO-MOTION sleep tips: the one-two punch

We've taught Finn how to put himself to sleep. Baths. During which he gives himself a Haymaker uppercut. His left hand does not know what his right hand is doing.  However, his face clearly knows.

Actually, he is simply trying to eat his hand—unaware of the paparazzi (dad).

Sunday, March 2, 2008

6 weeks and the hair still speaks

(Shaun posting under heidi's name.)
Finn at leisure sans pacifier.

Finn in repose with his meaty paws. Move over Honey Badger.

Heidi as marsupial.

Fotog. "Not the momma."

Every strand is 100 percent pure lambs wool.