Monday, December 29, 2008

11 months

Christmas 2008

I had a lot of fun at Christmas unwrapping all of my presents.  Oscar helped.

The ribbon was my favorite.  I kept trying to put it on my head.

Seeing Santa on Christmas Day was NOT as much fun as I thought.  My cousin Ben liked it though.  ;)

Merry Christmas!!

Thursday, December 18, 2008


We've got snow and lots of it!  

Playing with Daddy.

Touching the snow for the first time.

Laughing with Daddy.

Watching the snow fall with Mommy.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

10 months old!

This past weekend Finn also turned 10 months old (sorry for the late post). Here's a few fun pictures of our big boy!

Waiting outside Starbucks for Mommy.

Sweet baby boy in dinosaur pajamas eating his breakfast.

It was a long hard day and this was how I found Finn sleeping after his nap.

Week of celebrations

Thanksgiving week is full of celebrations for the Kempston family. This year we tried to plan ahead and Shaun took a week of vacation from work so that we could enjoy all of the big events in our life. We started out the week with a fun 27th birthday party for Shaun with just a few close friends and family. Then on Tuesday it was our 3 year anniversary! So much fun to look back on what the past 3 years have brought us. It's a great day to celebrate with our sweet baby boy! Here are some fun photos from the past few days.

Family photo at Shaun's birthday party.

Finn and Shaun at Anthonys in Tacoma for his birthday lunch.

Mommy and Finn

Anniversary dinner at Anthonys in Gig Harbor.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Happy 27th Birthday Shaun! We love you!

Hmmm . . . how many hours of XBOX 360 will Heidi let me play today?

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Our little Tiger

 ROAR!!!  Look out!  Something growly is coming to get you!  It's a 9 month old Tiger named Finn!

Family photo at our church Harvest Party

Finn had a blast playing in the ball pit!

 Heidi and Finn, Linnea and Soren, Brooke and Zack - Good friends!

Friday, October 31, 2008

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Pumpkin Patch

Some fun pics from our day at the Pumpkin Patch with Linnea and Soren.  Thanks for the great pics Linnea!

Monday, October 13, 2008

A short story in pictures

The other day I was trying to re-organize the kitchen - yet again!  Finn was getting discontent in his high chair as the minutes passed and so I was giving him anything I could think of to keep him entertained just a few minutes longer.  This is what I found . . . 
 Hey Mom!  Look what happened when I started shaking the puffs can!  All of the puffs fell out!

Oh great!  She's going to take them away.  QUICK - Eat as many of them as I can before she can clean it up!

When I went to lift him out of the HC I found this.  


Pulling Up!

Guess who learned something new????

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

8 Months

An update is LONG overdue from us!  Finn is now 8 months old and CRAWLING!  Our world has changed from watching Finn sit quietly and play with his toys to running around the house chasing after our little boy who is very busy!  He's pulling books off the bookshelf, crawling into different rooms, trying to grab electrical cords, opening and shutting cupboards, etc.  It's exhausting for Mom but a lot of fun for Finn!  I'm kissing more boo-boo's and wiping off dirty hands, but its fun to see him start to transition from baby to boy.  Here's some fun pictures from the past month of what our family has been up to.  Enjoy! 
Family photo at Matt and Mallery's wedding.

I like to hang out under my high chair with Oscar.  This is Oscar's favorite place to linger while Finn is getting a snack.  Hmmm... I wonder why?  

One of my favorite things to do is open and close the dryer door.  This keeps me very busy while Mom tries to do laundry.  Emphasis on the word TRIES.  ;)

Thursday, September 4, 2008

7 months

I think the picture says it all.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Road trip to Woodleaf

What a weekend! Finn and I loaded up the car and drove 12 hours down to a Young Life Family Camp in northern California called Woodleaf. Don't worry - we were not alone! We traveled with Shaun's parents and his sister Lisa and her family. What a crazy, wild, and fun trip. We all had such a wonderful time with each other and learned of the amazing work that God is doing in Russia and the Former Soviet Union through Young Life. If you would like to hear more about Young Life in Russia and the FSU here is the link to their website .

I was able to meet some incredible people and spend a great weekend with our famliy (missing Shaun all the while). Finn did a great job in the car and literally would fall into bed each night because we had so much fun. Here are some pictures from our adventure!Finn with all of the Anderson cousins - Haley, Stone, and Campbell.

With Grandpa Joe at the coffee shop where Shaun had worked.

Cherry and Finn at the Sugar Barrel.

With Lisa at Club the last night.

Playing with Campbell!

Monday, August 18, 2008


Finn has been so lucky to have a lot of playdates lately. And I use the term 'playdate' loosely because at this stage they are not quite 'playing' with each other. Here are some fun pictures from recents playdates with friends.
Soren and Finn out for a walk in Proctor district.

Zack came over to play and loved bouncing in my Jumperoo.

My cousin Ben and I with Aunt Mary closely to monitor. Finn has become quite the grabber.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

A rare and precious moment...

Last night I met with my Bible Study group for coffee and catching up. Finn came with me. We had a super busy day and there were not many opportunities for naps. Usually this means immediate meltdowns but last night he just literally fell asleep in my lap. The reason I am posting this is because if you know Finn then you know this is a RARITY! But I so loved and cherished this moment that I had to capture it and share it with you all. It was so special to hold my sleeping boy for his evening nap.

Friday, July 25, 2008

first pair of shoes

Yesterday my mom, Finn, and I all traveled to Nordstroms for their fabulous Anniversary sale. Grandma bought Finn his first pair of walking shoes for this fall. (Don't worry, he's not walking yet.) Evidently it is a really big deal to get your first pair of shoes at Nordstroms. They make a big to-do with taking a picture and getting a balloon (we declined the balloon). It was really fun though to take Finn in to get his foot measured and try on different styles. Luckily, due to the sale, we were able to get an adorable pair of one of my favorite brand of kids shoes - See Kai Run. (Thank you Lisa for introducing me to them!) Here's a picture of what Finn will be sportin' this fall! One shoe on ... one shoe off...
Thanks Grandma Jem!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Happy 6 Month Birthday Finn!

6 months brings so may fun adventures for Mommy and Daddy. He's babbling so much - saying things like MaMaMaMaMa and Dadadadada and Yayayayaya (his favorite). He's sitting up pretty much on his own and eating lots of vegetables. We are still (and may always be) working on getting Finn to sleep through the night but his many smiles and happy disposition always seem to make up for it. We love this little boy so much and are so amazed at the past 6 months and how quickly he has changed. Happy Birthday Finn! Playing with ALL of my toys at once.

My new favorite toy - the Johnny Jump-Up at Grandma Cherry and Grandpa Joe's house.

Snoozin after a walk with Grandpa Tim.