Monday, October 26, 2009

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Family Update

Since its been a while since my last post I thought I would play catch-up with whats happening for us this Fall.

Finn is running circle around us at nearly 21 months. Shaun and I both find ourselves saying '2?' Is he really going to be '2' in January? Crazy! He's finally started talking and our days are now littered with 'Uh-Oh, Dank Doo (thank you), Wuv Woo (love you), Dye (bye), Yay, and Foose (shoes), Helwough (hello), and LNo (Elmo).' Not to forget the ever present 'NO' that we hear quite often. All that said, Finn is the highlight of our lives and we love watching him learn new things like coloring, jumping, playing with his trucks and anything involving kicking/hitting/throwing balls.

Shaun is still working for World Vision as a Writer 2 position in their internal Creative Agency department. He's enjoying the friendships that it brings and we are so grateful for the security of his job. This Fall has also given him the opportunity to receive some freelance copy writing and play Fantasy Football with lots of friends. ;)

I find my weeks busier and busier as I'm now working 10 hours a week for the Children's Ministry Program at our church. I also watch a sweet little boy 2 days a week and am involved in few different bible studies and playgroups as well. Life is moving quickly but we are trying to enjoy each day and the adventures, challenges, and opportunities it brings with it.
Happy Fall from all of us!