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Reflecting back over the year... part 3

We are so excited for your first birthday Finn! Daddy and I are so proud of the little boy you are becoming. We love you!

Opening presents! So much fun!

Meeting Santa for the first time.

Christmas 08

First snowfall in December 08 - 10 months old.

Reflecting back over the year... part 2

Getting into trouble? ;)

Starting to pull himself up in the crib.

Discovering all the new toys in the kitchen cabinets.

Getting ready to go out with mommy - about 7 months.

Summer 08- Mommy's birthday

Reflecting back over the year...

Finn - about 5 months old - sitting up for the first time. So proud.

Finn - about 2 months old. Now realizing that he really does have way too much hair.

Finn - about 5 weeks old. We were just starting to learn that he had an abnormal amount of hair for such a small baby. :)

Mommy and Finn learning how to do this thing called life - first few days home from the hospital.

Finn's birth. January 22, 2008. 7lbs 12 oz, 20 inches, 4:52 am

As Finn's first birthday approaches I've been doing a lot of reflecting over the past year and all that it has held for our family. Finn has gone through SO many changes this year (as well as Mom and Dad). Its amazing to see how far our little boy has come.

I'm posting the pictures a little backwards so sorry for the confusion.

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