Sunday, April 24, 2011

4 months

So, as you can probably tell from lack of posts in the past month life is busy. Very busy. I went back to work starting April 1st and even though it's just 10 hours a week, it's amazing how much 'time' that adds to the family schedule. But between work, preschool, Easter, birthdays and other such things April has flown by. And here we are with a 4 month old. Almost 4 1/2 month old actually. We are entering my favorite age with babies. The put-me-down-and-let-me-play-but-I-won't-move-anywhere stage. Very happy, very content babies. Love it! We are getting lots of smiles from Mack and a few giggles as well. Although those are harder to come by. He's a sweet boy who's growing like crazy and loves to watch his older brother! More on Finn to come later. Life is very busy but very full. We are happy. :)

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